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Mission & Conception

We offer online and in-person sessions that illustrate the applications of AI through creative projects involving subjects like computational artistry and natural language processing. Our ultimate goal is to inspire the next generation of thinkers who will be able to fulfill tech jobs in the future.

AImagination was founded in 2018 with the mission to ignite curiosity and increase diversity in STEM, targeting kids from underrepresented communities. AImagination aims to educate students in elementary and middle schools about AI (artificial intelligence) through unique STEAM-based workshops.



The three founders came from vastly different backgrounds, geographic settings, and high schools. However, they all noticed a lack of engaging STEAM education in their local communities. After meeting at Princeton AI4All’s inaugural summer program, they were inspired to initiate a program addressing these issues in STEM.

About the Team

Annie Zhou

Annie Zhou is a rising junior attending High Technology High School. She is highly invested in assimilating STEM education to young kids, especially those from disadvantaged or underrepresented communities. Annie aims to combine her interests in technology and art to help others. Annie also serves as a graphic designer for curiousSciencewriters (a science news source), Vice President of her school’s Finance Club, and officer for the Creative Arts Club.

Adithi Raghavan

Adithi Raghavan is a rising junior in high school who is passionate about creating a more inclusive future in STEM. With her nonprofit, code+Charms, she provides free computer science lessons to underprivileged kids. She’s also started a Girls Who Code club to bring more women into the field of computer science. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry, being an environmental activist, and creating apps to benefit her community.

Vibha Arramreddy

Vibha Arramreddy is a junior at Harker High School in California. She is interested in making STEM education and opportunities accessible to underprivileged children. Vibha volunteers for a local non-profit called WonderBots where she teaches young girls the basics of code and robots. She is also part of her school’s Robotics team, Speech and Debate team, and Women in STEM club.

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