Elementary School

Our curriculum focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Computer Science through Scratch. Scratch is a visual programming languages used to illustrate coding concepts to children with its block-like interface.


 Each lesson begins with a fun video that's followed up by a instructor led project. These types of projects include various machine learning techniques. At the end, students will be able to apply the concepts learned to their own mini-project. 

Middle School

The middle school curriculum will help students develop their coding skills in Python. The culminating projects will entail a project that applies machine learning algorithms to a subject of their choice. This can include creating neural art, developing a poetry generator, or programming a chatbot.


Each lesson begins with a demo to introduce the concepts for that day. It then delves into the programming concepts, before being followed up by project time. At the end, we'll hold a discussion where participants can discuss their project's progress and its implications in the real world. 


Workshops will be held at local libraries and community centers. Usually lasting for one or two days, they introduce fundamental coding skills in Python and machine learning techniques. The final project will vary, including creating neural art, developing a poetry generator, or programming a chatbot.

Participants will also get a chance to learn about the latest developments in the AI field. Speakers will come in to discuss their latest research in interdisciplinary fields that use AI. We will also hold discussions on ethics in AI, regarding issues like self-driving cars, racial bias, and cybersecurity. 

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